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Parlux 385 Power Light - White

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Parlux 385 Power Light is equipped with a new engine K-Lamination by Ciaramella longer lasting and more powerful.

It is equipped with the Ionic and Ceramic essential for the health and the elimination of static electricity of the hair.

This dryer weighs just 15.94oz and is made from recyclable materials. And with industry standard ionic and ceramic technologies, the hair is dried from the inside out, leaving the external structure unharmed in the drying process.

The reduction of all components has allowed Parlux to create an exceptionally lightweight hairdryer.

Preserves the main characteristics of noise (with built-in silencer), balance and grip models Parlux already established.

The Parlux 385 Power Light is made in the ideal fit for the hairdresser 18.5 cm.

The new hair dryer and packaging are made from recyclable materials.

Made in Italy 

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