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Hair fall out!? You're not alone.



Hey it's Kristie!

I am here to tell you that you are not alone when it comes to thinning hair..

Last fall my hair started to fall out. And MAN, did it fall out. 

hair loss

The heavy duty combo of postpartum hair loss, post Covid hair loss (this is very common) and hair loss due to stress...because you know the WORLD hit me like a ton of bricks. 


Handfuls of my thick mane came out in my brush and in the shower and my ponytail thinned to a diameter that I had never experienced in my life. 


As a hairdresser of 20+ years, I totally had the tools and the knowledge that I needed to tackle this situation, and yet I was frozen with panic. What the heck do I do???


Here’s a few things that helped me power thru the situation:


  1. Kerastase Genesis. Get on that regime real fast. Bain, Fondant, (shampoo and conditioner for all my non French speaking friends) serum and leave in. Game changer. Kerastase Genesis
  2. Use a few sprays that will help to add life and volume to your skinny locks. Oribe Maximista and Dry Texture Spray are my go to’s. 
  3. Dry Shampoo will be your new bestie. When the hair is thinner it will feel like it gets greasier quicker, especially in the front where we see it all damn day. Kerastase Fresh Affair for the win. 


Go lighter with your colour! A little lightener on the hair can make it feel fuller and thicker and add some texture! Any one of our stylist's are happy to recommend exactly what your hair needs! We are here for YOU!

Last but certainly not least is treatments!  Treatments especially when your hair is feeling weak and fragile is KEY! If you know us at Luxe, you know that Kerastase Fusio Dose is the be all end all! 

We all experience crazy changes in our hair at different points in our lives. Know that our team is here to support you thru all of them,  no matter what your hair concern may be!! 




- Kristie

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