Why I Chose the Associate Program at Luxe Beauty Co.

Why I Chose the Associate Program at Luxe Beauty Co.

In my last few months of hair school, I was pretty stressed and worried about never finding a hair home. Some people would tell me “You can’t be too picky” and the rest were saying “You’ll find your perfect fit, don’t settle”. I wasn’t totally convinced I would find THE ONE, mostly because I didn't know what that meant
to me, but I did know I wasn't willing to settle until I found it, however that would unfold.

I had a teacher in hair school who told me I would just know, and I never knew
what she meant until that day, May 20th. My first day going to Luxe for work
experience. It’s true when they say “The heart feels what the mind cannot
understand”. I couldn’t exactly pinpoint how I knew wow Chloe this is it , but I
knew the feeling I felt, the energy in the salon, and the people in the space, I knew that’s where I wanted to be!

Being an associate has taught me many things. Trust the process. Looking back to only a year ago, and seeing how far I've come is truly insane! I’ve grown so much as a hairstylist but also a human being. There will be tests, ups and downs and obstacles along the way, but that’s what makes it all that more special, being able to look back at your journey and think about how hard you fought for yourself.

The associate program at Luxe helped me understand all that it means to be a
hairstylist. How to have a meaningful, in depth consultation to ensure my clients
feel understood and taken care of. All the ways I can bring value to their service.
How to properly formulate knowing their hair history. All different foiling
techniques and how to customize them for each situation.
Being a hairdresser is so much more than just putting your hands in someone's hair.

It's about helping people feel their best, most beautiful selves. Building
relationships and connecting with other souls. Wanting to better yourself everyday
so you can offer the best for your people. It’s about realizing that in life, we never
really reach a point where we are done learning or evolving, if you choose so.
There's always opportunity for growth.

I remember being 3 months in, feeling a little defeated, thinking I would never get
to where I wanted or wished to be. I am now 13 months in, and I'm doing things
confidently, with so far to go still! I can easily admit that I would not feel as
confident and comfortable as I do, if I wouldn’t have been guided and mentored by Kristie and my team the way that I was through this program. I was/am able to get through situations without feeling stuck, because I have other people who I can always count on to support me.

I knew coming out of school I wanted to be somewhere where I could expand my
knowledge everyday, assist other stylists, have hands on learning, and take great
education, all while growing my own business behind the chair and creating a
name for myself.

Thinking back on my time spent here at Luxe, I truly don't think I could have
found a better fit. I have laughed, I've cried, smiled, found my confidence, I have
gone through discomfort, but I've also thrived in a way I never have before. I’ve
changed immensely, and I've grown into this person that will only continue to
grow. ALL in this space, with these people.

I love it here.


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