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Our Top 7 Tips To Growing Long, Beautiful and Healthy Hair

Does it feel like you have been trying to grow long, healthy hair for forever!? Well, this ones for YOU!

We have seen a few heads of hair in our day, and together our team came up with our TOP 7 hot tips for growing long, beautiful hair! Now there is no particular order because they all hold massive value! (Also, It’s not as impossible as you may think.)


Here are our TOP 7 Tips to Growing Long Luscious Hair:


1) Ends need friends. They really do! Getting regular trims and keeping your lengths full and not scraggly will help your hair grow longer and quicker! When the ends get skinny they are way more fragile and susceptible to damage, and therefor won’t grow as quickly. 


2) Use a professional masque once a week. This will make alllllll the difference in the world. Pinky swear! Maintaining your hair with a treatment at home is a game changer and there are so many options now for all hair types. Not sure what masque to use? That's what we're here for! 


3) All long hair needs an OIL. Yep, ALL LONG HAIR. Even the finest of the fine. Now we’re not talking about the old school VO5 hot oil treatments here…We’re talking about a high quality oil meant for YOUR hair type, that is recommended by your stylist. You need something that will nourish and protect your hair at all lengths.


4) Get the in salon treatment. Every time. You will never ever regret it. Think of it like insurance for your hair. Especially if you are blonde. To be honest, all hair colour will change the integrity of your hair to some degree. In salon treatments repair the hair as it’s happening to prevent further damage. 


5) Use an amazing shampoo and conditioner that your stylist recommends. Healthy hair starts in the shower. That is all:)

6) Be mindful of hot AND cold environmental temps on the hair. This is something that frankly, isn't talked about ENOUGH! Extreme temperatures can do some serious damage to your locks, so if you’re venturing out in the heat OR braving the cold, use a product to protect your hair, tuck it into a hat or toque and care for it like you would care for your skin in extremes. Your hair is sensitive just like your skin! 


7) Invest in a good brush. Is there really a difference between a drugstore cheapie and a salon brush that my stylist recommends?? Heck yes. Using a good brush will help distribute your natural oils down the strands. Gently detangling and smoothing your hair all while caring for your scalp. 

So, If you’re one of the ones who has been told the old story your whole life that your hair just ‘doesn’t grow’,  take a peek at your roots the next time you go to get your hair coloured, and we guarantee it’s growing;) It may be that it’s not gaining the length.


The good news is, our team is really knowledgeable and great at working with you to achieve your hair goals. 


Here are a few of our favourite go to products for long, healthy hair:

Kerastase Serum Therapiste 

Kerastase Extensioniste Line 

Kerastase Cicaextreme Masque

If something isn't working, let's find you a something that will. We BELIEVE in you and your hair! 

I hope this left you with some valuable nuggets, there’s always more to share so stay tuned for the next one! 


Sending you good hair day vibes,

Kristie + the Luxe team

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