Curly hair model against white back drop with the title 'Love Your Curls'

Love your curls!

This one is for YOU!

Hey, it's Payton and I am sharing all the tips and tricks for you to LOVE your natural curls!

I have to be honest, curls are a labour of love. But oh - are they worth it.
No two people have the same curls and that is the beauty of it. Natural curls take work and require a routine. Discovering what works best for you may feel overwhelming at first, and guess what!?
That's okay! Because I promise you,  you are going to LOVE the end results!

There are many "curly girl methods" so if you hav tried one and it didn't work, don't give up!
That is what us stylists are here for, to guide the way and give you and your curls the support you need.
And for the products... I'm sure you have tried more than a few and thought that there is nothing that will ever work. BUT did you know that the average curly girl uses 5-7 hair products.
Yup, I said 5-7 products.
Now please don't feel overwhelmed! All of those products have a purpose and are worth the investment. And that doesn't mean you need to use all of them at once!
Some products work together where others may be used for that perfect day two hair. Once you experience day two hair, you'll never go back!

So here are a few rules to follow when it comes to your curly girl routine:
1) Always work with it. If the curls want to go a certain direction - let them.
2) Friction causes frizz. Replace your towels with a micro fibre one! I love the Kitsch towels.

3) ALWAYS apply your products when your hair is soaking wet. Scrunch and hold your product to get it evenly distributed.
4)Once your product is in rake and scrunch your hair to remove any extra moisture. Do not, please, do not use your bath towel.
5) Use moisturizing products as much as possible. If your hair is feeling drier than usual or you're experiencing more frizz - call Luxe!

Here are a few more tips:
 1)If you do use a comb make sure it is a wide tooth one. No brushes!
2) Avoid over washing your hair!
3) Air dry or use a diffuser on low speed/heat.
4) Use a silk or satin pillowcase. They not only are amazing for your hair, but also prevent wrinkles!
5) Replace your conditioner with a mask for added moisture.
6) Avoid touching those beautiful curls, it may be hard but please leave them be.

Curls have a personality of their own. And that truly is why we love them. 
Finding the right products and routine is going to be life changing and we can't wait to guide you.

Some of my absolute favourite curl essentials are from the Curl Manifesto Kerastase line. Everything about them is AMAZING.

If you are wanting to try to work with your curls but are still feeling overwhelmed, come on into the salon. During your complimentary consultation we will take a look at what your hair needs and set you up on the right path.
We're in this together. 

And always remember...


xo- Payton
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